Koala – Australia (Video Trance Mix) – 1997

Brand New 2010 Mix now on iTunes! Check it out! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/australia/id367776158 http://www.clubwaremusic.com/

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25 Responses to Koala – Australia (Video Trance Mix) – 1997

  1. izziredhead says:

    OMG!!! I love yooouuuu for posting this!!!! I have been looking for this
    version for ages!!!! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!! :-)

  2. desember85 says:

    Non-vocal version is best :)

  3. Iván Laguela says:

    Amazing video , Thanks

  4. Kaz says:

    This is the best video

  5. fabiettoenergy says:

    ricordi di tempi andati che sono rimasti dentro il cuore di tanti……una
    parabola analogica a casa del mio amico a vedere i video su viva
    germany…che tempi!!! 5/5

  6. Ivan Jajčević says:

    australia! croatia!

  7. neptuno338 says:

    This video was recorded in Tenerife (Canary Islands) that vulcano is El
    Teide the biggest mountain in Spain 3718m of altitude. and the Izaña´s
    Observatories, regards from Tenerife and sorry for my english i speak
    spanish. Este video fue grabado en la isla de Tenerife en Canarias, España.

  8. xelha24 says:

    Siiiì, di tantissimi! I bei video trance su Viva! In particolare su Club
    Rotation con Daisy Dee!

  9. xelha24 says:

    Please keep the original feeling! And keep it trancey! Don’t do the same
    bad thing 4 Strings did in 2009 with their fabulous 2002 single “Take Me
    Away”. People still love trance music, I can’t understand why someone is
    trying to kill it! And it doesn’t necessarily have to sound like the magic
    Van Buuren!

  10. fabiettoenergy says:

    era tutto così più bello, non c’era tutto questo hi-tech di adesso, con
    quella parabola analogica si cercavano i canali tedeschi….che ricordi!!!

  11. DeejayFrenkie says:

    amazing :D <3 love:D

  12. oas2103 says:

    My new 2010 remix of AUSTRALIA is done! You can listen to it on iTunes –
    just search for KOALA and you fill find my album “Australia”. The album is
    a brand new collection of all KOALA singles – this has never been available
    before. Both the original track and the 2010 remix are included. Check it

  13. mystikreq says:

    Profesjonalny scenarzysta :P suszarka, antena pokojowa, i folia od kuriera :P

  14. oas2103 says:

    Hi guys, now you can get all KOALA tracks on bandcamp! Australia 2010 remix
    is a free download – check it out!

  15. Nena euchnich says:

    1:41 der fön dient echt als waffe … ich lach mich kaputt… !!!

  16. SkyPhoenixX1United says:

    Die hatten damals wenigstens noch Ideen, die 90er eben. ;)

  17. Maria perez says:

    Es una pasada de cancion,buenisimaaaaa!

  18. Ivan Jajčević says:

    ovo je obilježilo moju mladost. pozdrav svim baskima i hrvatima

  19. MrSelector1 says:

    Why did they take the digeridoo?

  20. gmxsreco says:

    Zvukovi moje mladosti.. Poz i tebi Ivane…

  21. yasmina dolce says:

    very good

  22. Григорий Шишин says:

    Музыка детства. Круто!!!

  23. Ivan Jajčević says:

    di se ovo još sluša osim na banovini?

  24. andrea consoli says:
  25. Jorge Fontenla Gonzalez says:

    Oooooh, the good old times :) 

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