Koala attacks tourist in Australia

U.S. tourist visiting Australia gets much too close to wild koalas on the Great Ocean Road.

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7 Responses to Koala attacks tourist in Australia

  1. salmonthefish says:

    I liked the part when the koalas attacked…

  2. Danisj97 says:

    Walks so funny Hahahahahah

  3. Hailey Winslow says:

    Yikes! Close call!

  4. Pascal toto says:

    Hahaha human fuck

  5. OSlatraigh says:

    God damned drop bears.

  6. Crow22Darkness says:

    lol Dumb Americans never learn….

  7. AmunRaRocks says:

    I was really hoping that the Koala beat the shit out of the lady. Wild
    animals are not focking cats and dogs for fock sake.

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