Kangaroo, Koala, Common Brown Butterfly, Xenica & Australian Painted Lady Butterflies

naturescopephotography.com The Mark Oliphant Conservation Park is 200 hectares of natural forest, located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia’s Mount Lofty Ranges. Despite severe damage from bushfires in 1980 and 1995, the park is a haven for wildlife, just a small sample of which appear in this video. Australian wildlife icons the koala and kangaroo make for regular sightings, and the chattering of small bush birds including wrens and thornbills is constant. This video was shot at dusk and all in a single hike along the park’s meandering trails. Summer is the best time to witness the Common Brown Butterflies in the park, as seen here. The volunteer group Friends of Mark Oliphant Conservation weed the park of invasive plant species and always welcome new members. You can find out more about this group, Australian parks and wildlife, conservation issues and development and purchase our photographs and products… all at our website. Footage shot by Dan Monceaux, edited by Emma Sterling. Animated introduction by Dan Monceaux. Naturescope is copyright 2011 danimations pty ltd of Adelaide, South Australia.

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