Jay Z- H To The Izzo & What More Can I Say, Sydney Australia

Jay Z performs a medley of his hits from his sold out show in Sydney Australia, 2006.

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7 Responses to Jay Z- H To The Izzo & What More Can I Say, Sydney Australia

  1. emjaymoggs says:

    satan boy !

  2. grega92 says:

    emjaymoggs is a faggot

  3. emjaymoggs says:

    hhhmmm thats funn yu should say, i was actually feeling a like a lil bit of bum action the other day.

    Thankfully your mom was there…she always pulls through for me.

  4. sweatizzle says:

    take this weird shit somewhere else.

  5. pryseparoe74 says:

    jay spit fire i mean this cat could rock a show in hell!!!!!!

  6. grega92 says:

    yehh haha, thankfully ur a dumb cunt, coz my mum wouldnt b there, seeing as shes not a man…therefore i said gay :S, so like i said agen, emjaymoggs is a faggot

  7. emjaymoggs says:

    this was half a year ago ????

    fuck of

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