If I were to come to Sydney, Australia what would I do for fun?

I know there is car racing and horse racing. What could I do besides those two things?

What is a "snag in bread" with bacon and tommy sauce?

I don’t have a clue!

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3 Responses to If I were to come to Sydney, Australia what would I do for fun?

  1. Billet- Doux [has exams] says:

    HAHA! I just decided to pop into the Sydney category, this was the first thing I clicked and *you* had asked it!
    I almost died of surprise :p

    Well, Australia’s most appealing attraction, is its beaches – we have amazing beaches.
    That’s Bondi Beach there. It’s so good, they made a TV show about it :p

    But don’t come to Sydney now! It’s rather windy, and it might freak you out a little bit.
    But continuing … Sydney Harbour! You’d have to visit Sydney Harbour.
    It’s so pretty :0
    Looks better when it’s red though :p

    You’d also have to go to The Rocks. Pancakes on The Rocks is the best! Serves pancakes 24/7.
    Possibly my favourite meal.

    We have a mad aquarium :) Filled with sea creatures from all over the world. So, tourists love it, because they get to see the strange Australian sea life.

    Given our sea life is strange, our terrestrial fauna is also unique. Sydney Wildlife World is full of Australian fauna, from kangaroos to koalas, platypus, echidnas, emu, blue tongued lizard, cockatoos and soo much more.
    And it’s right next to the aquarium, so most people get a double pass.

    Oh, and you drive on the right-hand side of the road, so it’ll be pretty fun to watch traffic drive the other way :p


    I’ll edit this later ..

    Oh! And a "snag in bread" with bacon and tommy sauce is a sausage sandwich with bacon and ketchup.
    But never have it with bacon. That’s just strange. It’s better with onion :D

  2. abslt truth says:

    Pretty much the only thing we don’t have in Sydney is snow skiing. Find a nice place near the beach and buy a surfboard.
    Oh, and a snag in bread, is a sausage on bread with bacon and tomato sauce. YUM.

  3. Whoa says:

    go mittagong

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