I am think of moving to Sydney, Australia and want to Ask how does it compare to other Australia cities?

Hi my name is Leo and I wanted to ask you how are black people treated in Australia are people racist against black people from america? I am thinking of moving there after I graduate college. Could you also tell me what is it like in Sydney. I am thinking of getting into the Hip hop Radio business because that is a skill that they need in Australia

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9 Responses to I am think of moving to Sydney, Australia and want to Ask how does it compare to other Australia cities?

  1. candy says:

    Hi there Leo,
    Unfortunately, racism is all over the world. There are,however, a lot of nice people in Sydney. Stay away from anyone who is ignorant enough to be racist and you should be able to make some good mates in Sydney. There’s heaps to do over here and if you want to get into a Hip Hop Radio business, you might just be surprised to find heaps of like-minded people who’d be willing to work with you, share knowledge and skills with you, and so on. Thanks for wanting to share your skills with us, so good luck with everything.

  2. princessmel666 says:

    Hi Leo have lived in Sydney and Perth. Perth is laid back and quite racist, whereas Sydney is larger and a bit more open minded. Though I am sure you are aware that racism is everywhere, especiall country towns. Hope this helps

  3. howdy says:

    First thing I should mention is that Australia does not have an open immigration policy… if you want to work legally you need a sponsor and visa

    When I lived in Australia (last year) I found racism to be very noticeable in certain generations. People in their 30′s and younger seem less concerned about racial matters. However many of the the older generation (50 years old and up) made more racial remarks (more about Asian people who came to Australia). This was my experience, and I’m open to believing that many older people are not racist. I rarely saw Black people in Australia.

    Mind you, there were racially motivated riots amongst younger people at the Sydney beaches while I lived there.

    Additionally, many people seemed to resent that as a non-Australian I was working in Sydney. If you are there as a tourist that’s fine, but if you are working, some people feel threatened because they don’t believe there are enough jobs for Aussies, and that you are taking a job away from them.

    If you work in the hip hop music industry and are a Black American, it’s likely that people will value a special cultural talent you bring…. like no one will be upset about the Japanese couple who run a sushi restaurant where they eat every day! Additionally, as hip hop is generally enjoyed by the younger generation (less racist IMHO) you should be fine.

    Good luck!

  4. philster says:

    there are many black people in sydney so know it is alright.sydney is a great city with room to move and a great vibe and a good hi hop seen.the beaches are great and the climate is to.the sports are different from america like rugby and cricket but you wont look back.oh and theres alot more young women then men,and there hot.

  5. Dan says:

    I said this many times. Don’t take groups as a whole in this. It’s just prejudice when a few from a group make the entire group look bad.

    Sydney. Love it. Lived here all my life.

    Lots of shopping centres, things to see and do, good weather.

  6. Secret Spy Agent says:

    Black Americans should have no problem but Lebs, Indians and White Aussies often have racial problems with eachother.

  7. Dashiell says:

    Its better than Melbourne, because we are the ‘harbour city’ and u have water all around you and the best beaches.. We have good nightlife, good entertainment & our city has the most diverse ethnic food.. Its a coastal city, you’ve got the blue mountains, hunter valley wine region and the north and south coasts at your back door.. Its a nice city to be in both summer and winter, temperature wise..

  8. JAMs says:

    there isnt really any racism towards black people here, its mostly the middle eastern people that get it (in sydney that is).
    As for other cities, you wouldnt want to go anywhere except maybe melbourne when considering racial tolerance.

    while the tolerance obviously ranges from what area of sydney your in (its a very large suburban area, not just a city) black people are still a minority but there they are populous enough for you to not feel completely out of place.

  9. pramod s says:

    i dont know about austrila if u ask u me about india i will give u answer.

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