How long does it take to get a job in Sydney,Australia?

I’m from Syria 35 years old and i’ve around 10 years experience in IT as a programmer and i’ve also MBA So, I’m moving to Austrlia wthin a year i need to know how many months does it take to find a good job to plan my finance budget and to prepare my self and also what are the other diffeculties i could found it while i’m searching for a job
Thanks In Advance

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  1. heavenlee2008 says:

    With ur experience I really don’t think it will take you long at all. I go through the papers a lot looking for work myself (but haven’t worked for 20yrs) so it is very hard for me but I see heaps of IT jobs going. It all depends on what hours you put into searching for the right job and wage. I think you will get what you want. Yes Bankstown is about 30mins from Sydney and i lived there for a few years and thats where my kids and ex are now, so that is a good place to look to rent as plenty of mosques and muslims there.
    Good luck
    ur friend Debbie

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