How do i call my friend who is in Sydney Australia?

I did the whole international dialing codes nd all that stuff..but when i call it says.."the international call you are trying to place, is not allowed from this line". What am I doing wrong?

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7 Responses to How do i call my friend who is in Sydney Australia?

  1. Tracy says:

    try using a phone that allows international calls

  2. moomoo says:

    Try using a phone with international dialling access.

  3. tuppenybitz says:

    if the sydney # starts with an 0 don’t dial that 0

  4. Bardy says:

    Call your carrier and ask them for help.

  5. T H says:

    try buying one of those international calling cards – it’s actually a local number from your phone, and then you put in a code, and the number you want and the minutes are deducted from the card value. It’s great!

    The international dialing should be something like this: 011 61 2 #### #### for (2 is the area code for NSW I believe). Good luck!

  6. elias says:

    first dial country code then city code and telepone no. its that simple.

  7. CameronQ says:

    You can’t make calls to Australia from your phone, that’s all. Not on your plan.

    Go to
    Sign up and make cheap calls via your computer. Much cheaper.

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