Hilary Duff- Sydney Australia- Play With Fire 02-02-2008 HQ

Hilary Duff performing ‘Play With Fire’ at Acer Arena in Sydney Australia on February 2nd 2008. Dignity Tour 2008.

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20 Responses to Hilary Duff- Sydney Australia- Play With Fire 02-02-2008 HQ

  1. Luke12390 says:

    You’re a legend Soph :-D

  2. kianten says:



    Thankzzzzzzzzzzzzz a lot

  3. kitschkitti says:

    ahaha soph this is sweet bro lol so close up very jealous lol i could barely see her :(

    still love her though!! ahh

  4. Soph10122005 says:

    I know, hahahah :P  Jk

  5. SmellyBellyEllie says:

    i remember how she was like


    Nobody thought we were loud, but when you listen to the video.. IT WAS SOO LOUD ;D

  6. hilaryduff4ever94 says:

    i was there. it was so much fun

  7. no1kav says:

    how good was it aye!!

  8. osEcReTiDo says:

    great job !!
    u seems like a professional !!great video and audio.. :)

  9. DanaDolly says:

    I agree! DEF!

  10. BIGTAD1987 says:

    howw fukinn hotttt :D


    she is so hot!

  12. dignityfan22 says:

    She looks so talented up on stage. Great job filming it at a concert

  13. teto691 says:

    thank you!

  14. celineddd says:

    C’est incroyable !

  15. anneke06 says:

    I want…HER SHOES!!! lol..
    I was at Brisbane concert!

  16. danielcostahd says:

    can’t you play with fire? (8)

  17. MissZanuba says:

    This concert was so good!! I loved it!!

  18. no1kav says:

    i want wat shes wearing!! damn this concert was soo good! i want her to come back already!

  19. foreverdignity says:

    Ok It’s Totally Live and she sounds amazing Go Hil Go!!!!!

  20. foreverdignity says:

    really cool!!! No me canso de ver este video

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