Here, There & Everywhere – Sydney, Australia

If you want to know what to see and do when in Sydney, look no further. Places visited include: 1. Circular Quay 2. The Sydney Opera House 3. The Rocks 4. Ta…

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9 Responses to Here, There & Everywhere – Sydney, Australia

  1. skiock says:

    again, great editing!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bjarte K. Frønsdal says:

    Excellent video! And what a beautiful girl!!!
    Please share more!

  3. RacofItaly says:

    Great video!Bravo!!! Tomorrow i will continue to see your channel, it look really exciting as Australia!Maybe no the best country for Art and culture as the latin country Italy,France and Spain, but defenetelly a place much much better and exciting than U.S.A.!Congratulation again for the video and for your great country!FANTASTICO!!! Arrivederci dall’Europa!CIAO CIAO!

  4. JillnStaceyDotheRoo says:

    Were you guys at Bondi Beach yesterday? I think I saw you guys while I was taking pics! tooo funny!

  5. Seattlecarnut says:

    Places in Australia I’d love to visit. Sydney, with its Harbour Bridge and Opera House, among other parts of Sydney.

  6. PurCitron says:

    i plan to visit in august. any suggestions for activities please? should be a bit chilly?

  7. GolliwoggMusic says:

    GOLLIWOGG is considering visiting Sydney on his World Tour, and is looking for new fans in the area.

  8. maxxbad17 says:

    does Tasmania forms part of Australia?

  9. traveldiaries2 says:

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