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  1. HubOfSkate says:

    you went past my house… o.o

  2. GamerVato says:

    Well done

  3. Evan Eldridge says:

    That’s happened to me once at a airport and we had to go to a motel and wake up at 4:30

  4. brownheatxtra says:

    thanks vato!

  5. brownheatxtra says:

    hahah seriously?

  6. brownheatxtra says:

    this new one for like 2 weeks but my old one for months

  7. brownheatxtra says:

    lol sucks ayeee!!

  8. Erick Casas says:

    Yeah Your gonna be alright..

  9. Ahmed Galal says:

    like if you thought this said “exploding” Sydney Australia!

  10. Ggamer0 says:

    great vid mate :)

  11. Ggamer0 says:

    great vid mate :)

  12. Ggamer0 says:

    great vid mate :)

  13. Ggamer0 says:

    great vid mate 

  14. HubOfSkate says:

    yeah man on the train at the start

  15. brownheatxtra says:

    thanks nick!!

  16. brownheatxtra says:

    lol :P 

  17. brownheatxtra says:


  18. ozzybeachbum says:

    Another awesome vlog !

  19. brownheatxtra says:

    thanks mate your a champ!

  20. JKTBHD says:

    Your beast mate! :)

  21. T U G M T says:

    I live around there :)

  22. EMDSproductions says:

    3:25 I saw the EXACT performance at the EXACT same time aha!

  23. TheKJreality says:

    I wanna live there !

  24. Tim Bezzina says:

    how do you keep your camera so steady while filming?

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