Driving in Sydney Australia, part 2

Our continuing adventures on our honeymoon in Sydney, Australia. Things get scarier as I drive for the first time on streets with other cars.

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14 Responses to Driving in Sydney Australia, part 2

  1. devils27 says:

    You guys crack me up. I went to Australia in 2005, and yes the opposite
    side of the road driving (although I didn’t drive) was a bit disorienting.
    I also reacted the same way over Hungry Jacks as you. They also have a McOz
    meal at McDonald’s.

  2. tunesofjazz says:

    Thank you, guys for this horrible ride on the “wrong” side of the road! ;o)
    I’m german and the right side of the road is the “right” side of the road.
    But however, we had a lot of fun watching you having one of the last
    adventures in the world… Thank You!

  3. BwoodLegionAmb12 says:

    great video guys! :D sydney looks beautiful and hope you enjoyed your

  4. SUPERHHGG says:

    this place is near the airport……ha I often go pass here…

  5. kdpham3 says:

    Thanks guys for posting this video. I just got back from Sydney and I do
    miss that city alot. Yes, driving on the left side of the road is quite
    disturbing and confusing but so proud of guys for doing such a great job
    for a first time driver in Sydney. hahahaha….It’s so funny the way you
    reacted to Hungry jacks!! Have you tried their vegemite?

  6. 1Themes says:

    The roads in Australia have a lot of curves. LOL. That’s because Australian
    cars have steering wheels.

  7. Reece says:

    Grats on the marriage 3 years ago :)

  8. David Hill says:

    australian guy here , would be the same for me driving in the usa ..damn

  9. Ragnar6000 says:

    I dig these vidoes of americans driving around oz…great stuff

  10. Bree Humes says:

    Welcome to Australia

  11. Jason Carpp says:

    I’m an American, and although I’ve ridden as a passenger on the left side
    of a car, If I had to drive on the right side, I’d be nervous as hell.

  12. Jason Carpp says:

    I’ve never driven a right-hand driving car. It’d be weird for me.

  13. Ezza Rose says:


  14. leroyybrown says:

    You are showing heaps of guts driving in Sydney 1st time with no GPS.
    Sydney has a notoriously bad road system. I did the total opposite to you
    guys as my first experience driving on the right was straight out of LAX
    but with a GPS. The wierd thing was I kept drifting to the right as it felt
    strange with driver position on the left side of the car. Driving in CA is
    awesome with the Interstate!!

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