DIY bars in Melbourne v. Pokies in Sydney!

From episode 3 of Not Quite Art on ABC TV. The show is on ABC TV tuesday nights @ 10pm throughout October 2007. “Not Quite Art is the freshest, most illuminating, thoughtful and funny locally made arts program in years.” – The Age, Green Guide.

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10 Responses to DIY bars in Melbourne v. Pokies in Sydney!

  1. leighblackall says:

    Right on Marcus! Great to have access through Youtube. Had trouble downloading the full jobby from ABC.. dunno what happened.. downloaded the full 80 or so meg over night, next morning double clicked the file and QT spat it out with an error. I think the prob is my end, but that doesn’t help my quickly diminished data limit :( nice, quick to view, punchy little scenes on Youtube though – that’s great for me so thanks.. MORE!

  2. lindsaycox says:

    awesome, about time we had this on TV

  3. dsk696 says:

    Melbourne is Alive, Sydney is Dead.
    It’s a shame that i live in NSW :(
    NSW should “Raise the Bar”

  4. SubRosaSerena says:

    Giving NSW another big whack in the arse, way to go Marcus :) ..lolz..I really have to spend more time in Melbs- Maybe they will dispense with the giant balls of string and put you on their next ads.

  5. mokis81 says:

    love this show .,.. we need more of em in sydney ,sydneys so borrin n uncreative dull city :P post more of the show up..

  6. l0lzor says:

    This is brilliant, you’ve done it again!

  7. jaymzsutton says:

    please change the sydney license laws – they suck…

  8. inkmagnet says:

    That really is a strange licencing system in NSW

  9. vjzoo says:

    You think NSW licencing is bad, try WA! We finally had the State Govt create a Small Bar Licence recently, but most of the local councils are refusing to approve any due to pressure from the established hotel industry players :( So frustrating. Small bars = less binge drinking, more diversity, more cultural activities incorporated… Oh for some video-art bars here in Perth. Or do we all have to move to Melbs?

  10. Brunhilda8953 says:

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