“David” WHV in AUSTRALIA, is discovering Kings Cross, Darlinghurst Road (New South Wales)

Vendredi 19 février 2010, Kings Cross is an inner-city locality of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is located approximately 2 kilometres east of the S…

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25 Responses to “David” WHV in AUSTRALIA, is discovering Kings Cross, Darlinghurst Road (New South Wales)

  1. Denis j says:

    hahah lil charade shit box lebos

  2. RichmondHasArrived says:

    @NineNouty yeah one 2km strip of road is enough to judge the whole country.
    Do a bit of research mate.

  3. Nebelwerfer89 says:

    @NineNouty Its the red light district.. Of course its going to look seedy,
    every country has its shit areas

  4. MaTtRoSiTy says:

    Interesting kind of ‘must visit’ place but after living there for a few
    years I couldnt wait to get the hell out of there. Starts to do your head

  5. bricksnsticks1 says:

    I love Kings X it’s a lot different to what I am used to. ( I live in Port
    Hedland) If anyone has been to POrt Hedland then you really have been to a
    shit box. I found even the meat heads to be friendly in Kings X, as long as
    they get some respect. I wouldn’t want to see it change too much. Get rid
    of the drugs and street gangs thats about it. I really like the Goldfish
    bowl. The beer’s cold.

  6. stopusinaar says:

    @KingFahtah .I lived in the cross for 5 months and never had any
    trouble.Its overated

  7. KingFahtah says:

    @stopusinaar I’ve enjoyed a few minor incidents, but I’m usually fine
    because I know what to avoid and when. In some ways it is safe because
    there are people around at night and it;s well lit, but there are always
    random things you can’t predict. It’s a bit better these days than perhaps
    it once was but the sleeze remains. I’m happy for you your stay was

  8. stopusinaar says:

    @KingFahtah.There was definitly sleeze and scum hanging around no argument
    there, its just a lot of people made it out to be an absolute shithole
    before i even seen the place.I enjoyed my stay there and would reconmend to

  9. daniel davila Gutierrez says:

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  10. Vie2David says:

    @AmazinglyAgnostic You’re right, where the lady played, it was Roslyn st

  11. mangosonic123 says:

    walk through there after 1am on a saturday night/sunday morning and see all
    the scum come out…

  12. Mrconeman69 says:

    lololololol you walked past several drug fronts and dealers.

  13. lookatmepleasesir says:

    there are no gangs in kings cross and it certainly has gotten worse in
    recent times in fact since 2005 its become rapidly ‘upgraded’ to a sterile,
    middle class police state

  14. klausflouride says:

    @breaknrox1 Loads of fun though. If we go back to Sydney we’ll stay in
    King’s Cross again. Loved it loads!

  15. Michael Mcalpine says:

    @billysim77 cocaine?

  16. sikfreak6969 says:

    Hahaha fucking messy !

  17. theliberator1 says:

    HAHAH! it’s like i’m there right now! across the road from where you’re
    walking is a place called badabing… had the fuckin best night there!

  18. mf2230 says:

    @xcentrik12 haha woulddestroy/10

  19. ChosenUndead says:

    its just for the sluts.

  20. ChosenUndead says:

    i went to a few strip clubs their when i was 16 :L 18 now.

  21. Brandon H says:

    its not that bad most of the time(can get real bad real fast but its very
    rare for randoms to get caught up in it ) but as the saying goes if you go
    out looking for trouble you will find it

  22. Shanks Rajendran says:

    hey.. good video..btw check out a doco i did on melbourne (australian)
    prositution on my channel!

  23. Airtime456 says:

    Can Anyone Help me out .Im Going to be Visting Australia in OCT of 2013 .
    Im going out there to mostly party and etc .Can someone please help me out
    with some Hotels around the area . I dont want to stay to far from the
    Nightlife . Thanks for your Help

  24. Airtime456 says:

    Are there alot of hotels around the area?

  25. Australia is in My Heart Forever says:

    Believe it or not – compared to Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Vegas, Montreal,
    Toronto, Mexico City, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Rio, etc, this ‘red light
    district’ i very safe and extremely classy

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