Daniel Bryan Vs. Koalas, Kangaroos and a Goat!

During WWE’s recent trip to Australia, Daniel Bryan visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the world’s oldest and largest Koala sanctuary.

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24 Responses to Daniel Bryan Vs. Koalas, Kangaroos and a Goat!

  1. ShadesAtKnight says:

    Then it’s time you did your research.

  2. Jason Smith says:


  3. shiney94 says:

    This is from personal experience dealing with the Australian society. I am the research :p. And I now know that koala’s are not considered bears in the scientific community. Get off your high horse mate :p

  4. Nolan Wolf says:

    That koala is adorable

  5. ShadesAtKnight says:

    “In the scientific community”….. No, it’s something you learn in kindergarden. That’s like saying “1 + 1 = 2, in the scientific community”.

    I’m not on any high horse. But if you’re going to try to prove someone wrong, when you don’t have your facts, think again.

  6. Christian Cage says:


  7. LethalStrikeGamingHD says:

    *Koala. Not Koala Bear.

  8. Isfandior says:

    2 things that I would love to see Bryan do when he retires from wrestling: 1. Become a commentator 2. Be the host of a wildlife program

  9. brian centi says:

    LOLOL…awesome video, and he really does look like a goat…lolol..i’ll be watching summerslam this sunday…go brock and daniel.

  10. shiney94 says:

    I didn’t try to prove you wrong. I am just telling you what other people have called it. many people have called koala’s as bears (even those living in Australia). You need to relax and stop getting angry. Think of something constructive to do, rather than putting people down mate :)

  11. ShadesAtKnight says:

    Angry? I’m not angry. It’s just annoying that you’re wrong, and can’t accept it, and instead condescendingly call me “mate” and crap. I don’t care kiddo. Move on already.

  12. shiney94 says:

    AND I QUOTE ” And I now know that koala’s are not considered bears in the scientific community”- I’ll highlight it for you ‘AND I NOW KNOW”. hence previously i did not know. I admit that I had a misconception of thinking that koala’s were bears. However, it is not a misconception that people call them bears. Don’t you have better things to do? :/

  13. Whoo Iknow says:

    intencse match

  14. Daniel Ryan says:

    They have much to teach us, let us learn from them!

  15. MuchMoreSubtleFilms says:


  16. lpspawsomeness says:


  17. RJ Mendoza says:

    What the

  18. Tylier Driscoll says:


  19. villevn says:

    Daniel Bryan + animals = win.

  20. Mike Kite says:

    Fear the Beard yes yes yes

  21. Kaynos says:

    I give this video a B+

  22. zac6196199 says:


  23. Abdullah Sadid says:

    Yes yes yes!

  24. Alexis Rodriguez says:

    Nikki &cena nice

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