Cute Thirsty Koala (1 of 3)

This fluffy young koala popped his head over our fence in search for water. It has been very dry here in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia and so are the G…

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25 Responses to Cute Thirsty Koala (1 of 3)

  1. Ivanrunsblue says:


  2. Alicia Alexander says:

    Thank You – I do believe we may have saved his life. :) I used my iphone 5 – (a great subject to test the video on!). x

  3. Alicia Alexander says:

    This was my first video using my iphone5 – I tried to move slowly, whilst balancing on the logs beneath me :P

  4. Alicia Alexander says:

    Hehe :) Thank You x

  5. Alicia Alexander says:

    Oh so true!

  6. Alicia Alexander says:

    Thank You :) 

  7. Alicia Alexander says:

    Wow, that would have been an amazing experience :) Yes, Brownhill creek is very pretty, and full of wildlife. I’m sure we will see you back again! x

  8. AthenaSaints says:

    Steadicam!! which brand did you use?

  9. achuforyou says:

    amazing animal..amazing people..its always good to see good human beings my day special…that sweety is really cute..and bro you got a chance to enjoy ur drink with a cute little koala…CHEERS…good on u MITE

  10. Popescu Valentin says:

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  11. GG WP says:

    0:33 Cheers…You are sooo nice :3

  12. Joyce Cheung says:

    Thank you for being so kind to him!

  13. joanier t says:

    so cute, and so kind of u. BTW,this video is very hot in china mainland.

  14. Christina Wang says:

    Thanks to feed him water. He’s so adorable and you guys are very kind! :) 

  15. markviman says:

    In Pennsylvania, USA we only have stupid squirrels. I’m so jealous!! I hope you guys don’t have too many problems with ticks though – I’ve seen vids of good people and vets picking them off of the poor little koalas

  16. Mary Rowe says:

    Adorable and beautiful back yard!

  17. AgataKoala says:

    how cute :)

  18. Peng Zhang says:

    The video quality is so good! :)

  19. tom hanks says:

    whats up with the two dislikes ?

  20. 11301920 says:

    That is so sweet. I love koala’s and thanks for taking care of him.

  21. CatharinaShields says:

    You are good people, and the little guy {gal?} is so grateful for the drink. Koalas are my favorite, and I’m so jealous you have them climbing in your trees in your backyard while I have to go to a zoo here in Southern California just to admire them.

  22. ratboy728 says:

    For a second I thought you were gonna give the koala the beer XD

  23. Lực Hồ Nghị says:

    ohhhhhhh sooo cuteee <3

  24. afxtions says:


  25. Rob Quadrelli says:

    gorgeous creatures

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