Cute Koalas

Koalas, an Australian icon. Koalas are not bears, they are marsupials and like so many animals are endangered.

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24 Responses to Cute Koalas

  1. nestanick7 says:

    yeah.. if you say koala bear your a fucking cocksucker

  2. MrSomliga says:

    A koala masturbating, how cute!! :)

  3. LlortnA says:

    They’re not bears. Marsupials are a completely different species. Bears don’t live in trees and eat eucalyptus . . .

  4. Paumonsu says:

    they eat humans

  5. Dale8Jr8Fan says:

    Koala’s are my favorite Animal(:

  6. syrusfangirlwerewolf says:

    Why is it that marsupials are some of the cutest animals ever? I mean, have you ever seen a koala or kangaroo and not gone aww or laughed at the guy who was stupid enough to provoke it into kicking his ass?

  7. DeathBlade182 says:

    I wuv Koalas ^__^

  8. Amaz1ngman says:

    …says DeathBlade182….. LOL

  9. animallover123ful says:

    WOW!,i didnt think they grew so big!

  10. sabreluv says:

    no i aint,it is koala not bear.Go read up on the history of them.

  11. Marbas777 says:

    gay music so is video.

  12. phyrostars says:

    koalas is the king

  13. pboiler07 says:

    “In the wild Koalas can live 12-14 years. But if someone is taking care of them, or if they are in captivity they can live 16-20 years. Many koalas are killed by hunters for their fur because it is so soft and smooth Each day a koala bear eats 40 oz of eucalyptus leaves. They are very picky eaters. Koalas eat the moist tender tips of the eucalyptus leaves. A meal gives a koala all the food and water it needs.”

  14. TashaRichardsonFan says:

    I ♥koala:D♥

  15. ibeliveification says:

    Koalas, Pandas, dolphins are some of my favorate animals. Please lets not let thesewonderful animals go extingct

  16. SummerAbbeyRosee says:

    koala’s are my favorite animal:) i loveee them:D

  17. davethebrave5 says:

    koalas are my favourite animals

  18. KoalaOutpost says:

    go to my channel if you love koalas, i made and epic montace

  19. shushyermouth says:

    I am a koala!!! (*O*)

  20. anarquia0203x says:

    i wanna a koala at my home now!!! someone help me!!!

  21. TheLahness says:

    The deepest depths of hell are specially reserved for people who hunt these animals and any other animal.

  22. crunchypretzal says:

    They’re all cute and cuddly till you piss them off, then they look like Osama Bin Laden’s beard.

  23. RaizersHD says:

    es bonito

  24. xarexula says:

    howw cut is koala is :)

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