Curious Koala Walks Into House

I was delighted to find a koala on the front doorstep on my way out to work. She decides to walk in and make herself at home. This is a wild koala, yet so tr…

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25 Responses to Curious Koala Walks Into House

  1. ecwinste says:

    Dude, a raccoon is tame compared to getting a opossum in your house! Those things are freaking vicious!
    But this koala is so cute. It just comes in, looks up at you like, “sup?” and just goes about its business. I’ve never seen such tame wild animals! Then again, koalas are stoned pretty much 24/7.

  2. Alicia Alexander says:

    Usually Koalas are notorious fro being ‘lazy’ and chewing Eucalyptus leaves, but in Summer I see a different kinda Koala! last year I watched a koala just walk on in to our garage, I followed it as it snooped around just like this one in our house! They are quick on ground, just like ‘Bush Magic’ :)

  3. Alicia Alexander says:

    Hehe! I thought he may be a bit ‘dehydrated’ and confused! :)

  4. Alicia Alexander says:

    No, not a pet, just a friend ‘dropping’ by :)

  5. MrKoalalBear says:


  6. doobiesmoke15 says:

    Man, you Australians have much nicer bears than we do in the USA

  7. Frootbat Bat says:

    Koala is so adorable! I didn’t realize they could be so friendly.

  8. zanpaktuh says:

    At 3:40, he was coming towards you to attack you, because he thought you set a trap. Unfortunately, Koalas are too kind, all they can do is to chase you.

  9. jees00 says:

    lol omg that koala was so cute!!!!
    so funny as well how it just decides to chill in your home for a bit lol
    i wish i had koalas living near me! im from sydney :)

  10. peterw4472 says:

    This is really cool :) And you seem like a really sweet person, not freaking out or anything! :)

  11. Sean Brader says:

    now i want a koala:3

  12. clayman717 says:

    I liked the sensitive concern of the voice. It was quite endearing and beautiful.

  13. Eliot windham says:

    OMG ♥


  14. Proteusbound says:

    Another infestation of Koalas .. tragic.

  15. potatochipXL says:

    Said no one ever.

  16. doramingka says:

    @3:39 OUCH

  17. MissTruthHurtss22 says:

    Ni ether one is more vicious than the other, you idiot…They both are nocturnal slow moving pests known to have RABIES. I wouldn’t feel anymore at ease with a funky ass raccoon in my house over an Opossum

  18. pancakepooify says:

    I want koalas in my house I’m moving… The UK sucks, we just get ants

  19. 11301920 says:

    You are so lucky to be able to have these wonderful animals around your house.

  20. MinecraftSolarSystem says:

    I’d be freaking out if it came in like that!

  21. Mary Rowe says:

    Opossums don’t get rabies- they are marsupials like koalas.

  22. Ant Scheck says:

    you think you’ve got problems?! I was chased down my garden path a while back by a frickin’ badger, which then proceeded to scratch the hell out of my door. Dangerous, disease ridden things!

  23. Starr Ravenwood says:

    Delightful what a blessing!

  24. IWishIHadAMoof says:

    So cute!! I wish I had that probably, only cats try to get into my house. What a strange tree it climbed up at the end.

  25. afxtions says:

    Didn’t wanna leave how cuttttteeeee!!!!

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