Crazy Koala Fight

2 Koalas fighting in an enclosure at the zoo, captured by my friend Mike on his trip to Sydney Australia. Koala has a very low metabolic rate and normally re…

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25 Responses to Crazy Koala Fight

  1. Mongrel Shark says:

    +Anglo Phony Told you drop bears are real. Imagine this outside your tent
    at 2 am in some remote place….

  2. Cronin says:

    Oh god they’re demons…

  3. Genesislinx says:

    l’ll never understand how something so cuddly an sound straight out of the
    deepest sector of demonic hell. 

  4. Nitro Smily says:

    First I was thinking:” Oh how cute voice, but then after the fight…”

  5. nanowaffle says:

    This is hilarious

  6. topy topyleisson says:

    hahaha those sounds are awesome =D

  7. 8o8inSquares says:


  8. Openyoureyesify says:

    This sounds nothing like Barry White.

  9. LodeStar17 says:

    the most boring fight youve ever seen?

  10. TheXXApolloXx says:

    The Sound Is So Sad

  11. Michael MacAlpine says:

    0:53 ah so the drop bear finally shows its true nature.

  12. Jesper Holfelt-C says:

    Puberty hit fast on that one.

  13. Adnihil says:

    Holy fucking shit!

  14. Ahmed Hamiduddin says:

    Hhhhh the other one did have an asthma or something ? Hhhhh cause he looks
    like he had XD

  15. Louise Simmons says:

    I was laughing my head off

  16. HimekTheChacal says:

    Wtf !? XDD

  17. Linkacchu says:

    I wasn’t expecting that

  18. Sheila Gomez says:

    Okay. Note to self: never anger a koala. 

  19. TickleBiscuit says:

    Aww how cute look at the litt- HOLY SHIT DAFUQ JUST HAPPEN? DID ONE OF THEM
    watch something a little less violent, like a rabid cobra. Geesh.

  20. Mary Leigh Lear says:

    Best video ever made in the history of film.

  21. Jordan J says:

    So that’s what the devil sounds like.

  22. John Yentes says:

    it sounds like the raptor cage in jurassic park

  23. izabeljeleva says:


  24. Neal X says:

    Animals are just like people. Some of them are, well, assholes.

  25. J.J. Medusa says:

    This is one of my all-time favorite videos on YouTube! Not only are the
    koalas noises hilarious, but so is the commentary!

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