Chris Brown @ acer arena in Sydney, Australia 2011: OH MY LOVE

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25 Responses to Chris Brown @ acer arena in Sydney, Australia 2011: OH MY LOVE

  1. xoxo4free says:

    @babylo66 And it’s also their fault that they made a really hard choreography for that song. I don’t think it’s really an excuse.

  2. babylo66 says:

    @xoxo4free thank you

  3. babylo66 says:

    @babylo66 Oh please, if it was that bad they wuld have been bare comments about so he lip sycned in dis u dnt see anybody else complaining about it you dnt see it in the news papers ur basically saying 2 me if a singer was dancing, fliping and dancing around a place like a monkey he shudnt lip sync? If CB wasent lip sycning yu wuldnt hear anything and b cuz he has such hard choreography and hes got ppl pushing if frum place to place singers want 2 make the crowd go wow! not just yh hes singing.

  4. xoxo4free says:

    @babylo66 So technically you should just call him a dancer, not a singer. He dances live, but he doesn’t sing live. And honey, you don’t know how much important it is for dedicated singers to sing LIVE and not lip sync.

  5. babylo66 says:

    @xoxo4free Like I said, it’s not just him. If it was such a big deal pretty much evry singer wuldnt have a job cuz they lip synced its not like singers do it ALL the time

  6. L0L64 says:

    @xoxo4free why are you even commenting on this video?

  7. xoxo4free says:

    @L0L64 Uhh.. BecauseI want to? And it isn’t illegal you know. :P

  8. xoxo4free says:

    @L0L64 Uhh. Because I want to? It isn’t illegal you know. :P

  9. bbydoll69ful says:

    i was there!
    & he was amazing,
    he made me cry :L

  10. browneyedbeautyOx says:

    People who are crying about him lip syncing., I’d love to see you dancing like him and being thrown around whilst singing. HATERS.

  11. ShayF03 says:

    i love him but i hate playbackssssss

  12. dereshasimmons12 says:

    he is my fav sanger he only kinda lip sync when it comes to dancer

  13. dereshasimmons12 says:

    @xoxo4free chris brown sing live so u must be lost he’s one of those artist who have talent sing,dance,etc

  14. TeamBreezy10 says:

    Even If Hes Lip Syncing, He Can Really Sing. Anyone who Ever Heard Him Sing Acapella Knows. And That’s Me=) #TeamBreezy

  15. 0o0jackie0o9 says:

    love this song sooo much. was the stage pretty small cos it seems like it was pretty simple?

  16. TheIcyrunegirl9 says:

    i wanna hear him really sing

  17. smeckerosss says:

    @bbydoll69ful hope u´r a girl

  18. TrueLoveWaits1901 says:

    i cried as soon as i parked in the acer arena parking !

  19. Unrattled says:

    @browneyedbeautyOx I think people should give him a break. I mean look at all he’s doing up there. Falling in the dancers arms so the can toss him back up. If he were to do all that while singing live. It would sound all shakey and off key. I say the same about “I can Transform Ya”

  20. shanaluvsbreezy says:

    i don’t care if he lip sings I just wanna watch him perform.

  21. legrand3126 says:

    @bbydoll69ful yeah i saw you,you were crying like a baby

  22. josemiguelmiguz says:


  23. lilcummy says:

    who the fuck chose his clothes

  24. ericasmith101 says:

    wish i was dere :)

  25. TheBigpapa987 says:

    1:23 the tutting omg

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