Big City Brony Meet Up, Sydney Australia!

0:00 – Beginning of The Day. 1:28 – At The Picnic. 5:58 – Send In, The Bubbles! 7:33 – The Fun Cannot Be Halted. 10:34 – Confound These Bubbles, They Drive Me To Do Crazy Things! 13:50 – Whip Your Hair Back and Fourth. 15:10 – Asserting Dashie Dominance, Dethroning Gilda. 17:04 – Brony Introductions. 19:30 – You Like Apples, Don’t You Luke? 20:06 – Sing Alongs For Dummies. 26:35 – Live Reading of “RARITY AND TOM SEX” w/ Luke & Corey. 30:49 – No One Wants Twilight… 31:14 – Taking A Picture? Nope.avi The entire collection of videos taken at our November meet up. It was a lot of fun and can’t wait for the next meet up! :D Big props to Brenton Crabb for filming all of this and helping us keep this memory alive forever in video format. Major brohoofs your way mate ^_^ To find our group on Facebook:

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9 Responses to Big City Brony Meet Up, Sydney Australia!

  1. 55soulless says:

    So many weird and wonderful memories…

  2. LWKR27 says:

    “oh shit, this is a video”
    well done Proon.

  3. MarlonOtakubrother says:

    XD Best Day Ever !!!

  4. LeSpanishProon says:



  5. NSWbronies says:

    holy shit whys my voice so deep. – matthew

  6. mwong666 says:


  7. ruffur3 says:


  8. silentkilerX says:

    That was great video. Love it all the way through. Also with the reading of “RARITY AND TOM SEX!” You could have said my account on fanficiton. I wouldn’t have minded.

  9. zOMGDropBear says:

    oh god!!! i found this, finally and i learned a valuable lesson. “when someone yells out ‘who wants to play as rarity’ i should find out what for first :o

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