Best things to do in Sydney, Australia?

I’m going to visit a friend going to school in Sydney in a few months and was wondering if anyone knew of some great things to do there/places to go/things to see/clubs etc..
Here are some questions I need answered with websites!
1) where to scuba dive?
2) best clubs/bars/entertainment?
3) best places/mountains/trails to hike?
4) beaches?
5) how do I get around inexpensively?
6) cheap/best hotels/motels?

thanks so much! If you have anymore interesting facts of information, please let me know, it would be a great help :)

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  1. snowboardx69 says:

    i am from sydney, i would definately use public transport as it is cheap and well connected, you should do the usual touristy stuff, such as the harbour bridge, and the opera house, but you should also try the botanical gardens, darling harbour and chinatown, taroonga zoo, (sorry about the spelling) is very good and you can get a ferry from circular quay. cronulla beach is a typical beach, with that sort of multicultural beach vibe around it, you can get the train there.i am not sure about hotels, but using a search engine such as expedia means you can view a wide selection. If you have a car for a while you should go to the blue mountains for the day ( there is the zig-zag railway, and a bunch of other stuff such as the three sisters to look at), akuna bay or bobbin head (there are plenty of walks around there, through trails in the ‘bush’) this region of pittwater will take your breath away with its almost fantasial setting and beauty

    you can get the ferry to manly for the day, and the beach there is great.

    If you have enough time you could fly to either one of the central coast towns (coffs harbour port maquarie) or to the gold coast or Maroochydoore(sunshine coast) if you want to access some good beaches no matter the season. Getting there couldn’t be easier with flights from virgin blue and jetstar starting from something like 70 australian dollars each way. for one or two days dubbo is an interesting place to go to, dubbo plains zoo is fantastic and very large with a safari like atmosphere. You would have to drive there though
    Hiring a car for some time is essential
    The shoalhaven region about two hours drive south of sydney is fantastic as well, in particular Jervis bay which has some of the whitest sandy beaches in the world.

    Also the suburbs of sydney either the north shore or the eastern suburbs are good to visit by train for the day, especially if you have a transport pass and chatswood ( 15 minutes from sydney has very good shopping malls and restaurants as does the city center)

    for transport within sydney this page is very useful and the daytripper pass gives discounts to many attractions

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