Best spot in Sydney for clubs and bars?

Staying in Australia soon, and want to make sure my hotel is within walking or stumbling distance of the bars and clubs, not getting mugged is also a plus. I was looking at York and King St, a few hotels there, any feedback?

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  1. Dirtyangel says:

    best bar/club in sydney is the ivy in george st sydney cbd.

    it was just opened in jan 2008 and it was cost millions of $$ to make/build and it took 7 yrs in the making. its one of the hottest clubs/bars in sydney. alot of d grade celebs hang there and i go there often. the crowd is very hot. all the men and females i see there r all very hot n sexy ppl. u dont often spot ugly fat ppl there. lol **i know iam gonna get thumbs down for saying that* lol
    here is the website. its got 3 levels with 2 resturants. normally on sat nights the line is the whole block long. lol so trying to get in is bad. :( lol it won the award of 2008 bar of the year and thats with it just being opened in january 2008 so it won the award the very first yr of operating..

    btw yes this is 1 of my fave bars/clubs. i go there on a regular basis and alot of ppl r probly gonna give me a thumbs down because alot of ppl think this place is abit snobby cos it attracts alot of glamorous and hot people so dont listen to them. lol its good eyecandy and thats the main thing. lol

    yes they also have a pool bar/club with a swimming pool on the very top level however normal ppl cannot get in there. lol its pretty much members with alot of $$$ or celebrities only in their pool club.

    here is a few pictures of it and an article about how it was made check it out. yes its huge. lol

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