Beats by Dre | The Game Before The Game

Beats by Dr. Dre presents “The Game Before The Game”: “Jungle” Jay Z Remix: Before the goals, before the glory, there is an unseen…

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25 Responses to Beats by Dre | The Game Before The Game

  1. Beats by Dre says:

    This is how the game is won. +Beats by Dre presents “The Game Before The
    Game”. #GameBeforeTheGame

  2. elvis malu says:

    3:01 is she getting fucked?

  3. linda garthian says:

    And here I was thinking it was just men kicking an object around a field
    and a pair of headphones. Apparently it’s a battle for victory, motivation
    and inspiration led by warriors wearing God’s armour and having the
    trumpets of glory blasted in their ears! HOLY SHIT DUDE

  4. GingerSniper says:

    I love how people
    go to a beats youtube video
    just to post in the comments
    how much they hate beats

  5. Ivan Sanchez says:

    RIP Stuart Scott, only reason I came back to watch this video. 

  6. daniel yefru says:

    i have always been wondering are they saying ronaldo? xD

  7. Jonathan Chan says:

    Best commercial ever made so happy it doesn’t include Ronaldo or Messi 

  8. Kouro says:

    Hey are they worth it? I might buy them because neymar is using them. But
    are they good or not?

  9. Bala Buzz says:

    Audio Technica rules :) Beats are better to make ads not for headphones
    fuck off 

  10. rdangelo says:

    Shit headphones.

  11. ante lundahl says:

    pause at 4:21, they aren’t even pluged in lol

  12. Daniel Guerrero says:

    I just bought a new pair of Studio Wireless Titanium and I love them :D ,
    sound, bass, comfort and style. I listen a lot of hip hop so it was the
    perfect choice. Right?

  13. DerTraninator says:

    Anyone got the instrumental? 

  14. Sergei K says:

    Beats by Dre | The Game Before The Game:

  15. Covert TV says:

    You guys heard about the cost of production for these things?

  16. Edmundas Marcinauskas says:


  17. Misc GTFIH says:

    Pretty much the best commercial ever made

  18. Beth Ferguson says:

    Beats by Dre | The Game Before The Game:

  19. MusicIsMyLifeEveryday says:


  20. BananaChipzzz says:

    Love or hate Beats, this is one of the greatest commercials I’ve ever seen.

  21. Caitlin Aslinger says:

    NEY <3

  22. MCV Vaughn says:

    dam she fine 2:37

  23. Asif Karim says:


  24. Benedikt Bevec says:

    Even though Beats by Dr. Dre are NOT a sponsor of FIFA’s world cup – and
    FIFA’s logo never appears in this commercial – you absolutely associate
    this spot with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. That’s ambush marketing. (and
    probably the most expensive commercial of all time)

  25. Rafael Rayo says:

    Que campaña tan buena, no me imagine el final así, que grandes !!

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