Barology at Eau de Vie

Eau de Vie is a small modern speakeasy nestled at the back of the Kirketon boutique hotel. Walk through a discreet doorway and enter one of Sydney’s newest cocktail bars featuring a huge back bar boasting over 500 different spirits, as well as a solid selection of boutique beers and craft wines. The crew is fronted by Barry Chalmers (UK Bartender of the Year, 2005); and the bar offers a unique drinking and dining experience to the backdrop of jazzed up and funky tunes. Eau de Vie plays host to Australia’s largest known vintage cocktail shaker collection, which add theatre to the creation of the drinks, particularly the shared serves. The Lady’s Leg Cosmopolitan is prepared in a late 1930s cocktail shaker in the shape of a lady’s leg complete with a high heeled silver shoe. Eau de Vie has recently made available 39 individual spirit lockers to its growing following of lovers of fine drinks and spirits. Each locker comes with a numbered key which guests are invited to take home with them. “The idea is that you should be able to pop into Eau-de-Vie at any time, open your own locker and share a prized bottle of spirits with close friends and family,” says owner Sven Almenning.

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  2. jamesirvine1990 says:

    i <3 zacapa.

  3. BarologySydney says:

    Eau de Vie was recently named World’s Best New Cocktail Bar at Tales of the Cocktail award ceremony – the Barology team seriously salutes!!!

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