Barology at Absinthesalon

The providores of Parisian perfection at Absinthesalon invite you to their imbibing premises of distinction to savour the delights of authentic French and Swiss absinthe. As the ice cold water drips slowly through the sugar cube, as the absinthe swirls and dances in the glass below, as the louche begins and the intoxicating aromas mingle, you are transported to a bygone era. The Salon offers a range of superb absinthes including Jade Nouvelle Orléans, Jade Edouarb, Jade PF 1901, Duplais Verte & Blanche, Viex Pontarlier, Mansinthe, Obsello, Brevans, Kübler, La Clandestine, Angelique, Un Emile, Eichelberger Limitée, Libertine, La Volate Bovet, Verte & Blanche de Fougerolles and Lemercier. Prices range between and per glass for the absinthe experience of creating your aperitif with the traditional water fountain, with a 3 glass maximum per person. Also available are French petit brioche and the most decadent absinthe centred chocolate truffles.

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2 Responses to Barology at Absinthesalon

  1. rongallant says:

    When are you opening shop in my town? ha Very nice place you have there. I can’t wait till there are shops like this everywhere.

  2. sngncwby says:

    One of The Best videos I’ve seen!!! Nothing like this here in the states!!

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