Baby Koala Debuts at Australia Zoo

An Australian wildlife park has been showing off its latest arrival. “Boonda” the baby koala is a second generation urban koala, meaning that he’s the first to be born to a mother who was also born in captivity. (June 28)

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8 Responses to Baby Koala Debuts at Australia Zoo

  1. SicSociophobiac says:


  2. kmbrly213 says:


  3. SSaorise says:

    holy wackamoly thats cute

  4. Highretrogamelord89 says:

    Very adorable! :3

  5. aseticelite says:

    cant handle . .. THE CUTENESS”!

  6. envanje says:

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  7. HyperCam3Vids says:

    ‘Baby Koala Debuts at Australia Zoo’ Um, Australia Zoo is in Brisbane, Queensland…dumb americans

  8. MegaDaddygirl123 says:

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

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