Australian Geographic King Koala

A Heart breaking story – In the eucalypt forests of east coast Australia lives one the world’s most loved animals, the koala. Join Jenny Brockie as she obser…

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22 Responses to Australian Geographic King Koala

  1. Napoleon Bonaparte says:

    wtf are those sounds it makes

  2. georgiabethpriest says:

    So of the koalas are a protected species and probably soon will become endangered, then why r the people allowed to destroy their habitat? All over the world this happens. I don’t understand why? Just learn to enjoy and love the nature of God’s creation.

  3. deewhyelayin says:

    god damn those koalas are cute, lol but wtf the sounds they make are weird and uncute lol,, funny tho

  4. deewhyelayin says:

    they shud have shown the dog attack on the koala….i hate that they cut that shit out. and if they cant show that then they shud have saved her if it was possible.. so lame they didnt show it -.-

  5. PuffCritique says:

    RIP Marie :(

  6. VinceKid56 says:

    soooooo coooooool:)))))))))!!!

  7. SexyMadCovv says:

    I am now goung to dissown my dog

  8. VinceKid56 says:

    no its not so cool its gross they show them mateing

  9. cadrino20978 says:

    hmm idk what would win out of a wild dog or a koala this video is reconstructing scenarios like with the cows , the road etc so I doubt any koalas died in this video

  10. VrncHls says:

    Human is responsible for bringing the dogs and let them be stray dogs. All the so called invasive species started out because of increase in human population around the world. After all human are the most incidious invasive specie ever.

  11. aleelee193 says:

    I love koalas! :D

  12. Nathan Forester says:

    I used to watch this all the time when I was a little kid…it was such a great documentary and it’s what got me interestted in them in the first place.

  13. Michelle Maussner says:

    Schade, wieder blödes Englisch. Die meckern immer über uns rum, obwohl die selber Sklavenhandel betieben und Indien versklavt haben
    Ich liebe alle Länder, außer England!

  14. Tom Winters says:

    There are little motorcycles in the TREES…

  15. DobermanLover141 says:

    I love them so much I started a club to help them from going EXTINCT

  16. LurkingTyranny says:

    Save the Koalas

  17. ericabrown765 says:

    Can u take a koala bear home cause I’ve always wanted one. Like Sooooo bad

  18. walts Kfan says:

    love koalas my fave animals love australia save the koalas please thanks for great video mate takecare all

  19. GameWorkers says:

    i loved that

  20. Сашо Бонев says:

    I am Koala!!!~!!!~!!!

  21. FrankieTheKoala says:


  22. Joe Sloma says:

    ‘……..the difference

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