Australia Vlogs | Epic Harley Davidson Ride, Koalas & Kangaroos | Tasha Green

Sammi & I get driven around town on Harley bikes and take a tour of the famous Healesville Sanctuary! Hope you enjoy :) xx Music: Bondax – Giving it all Sammi’s channels: Main channel:…

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19 Responses to Australia Vlogs | Epic Harley Davidson Ride, Koalas & Kangaroos | Tasha Green

  1. Tasha Green says:
  2. Zupastarxoxo says:

    Wooohoo, I love these vlogs!

  3. GreenLife says:

    oww so cute those koalas<3

  4. beyouandinspire says:

    hope your whole Australian trip was enjoyable!

  5. Leila B says:

    if you guys are going to the Goldcoast, you should go to currumbin wildlife
    sanctuary. you can carry a koala there :) 

  6. Stephanie Pursley says:

    How fun!!! What an awesome experience! I want to go to Australia!

  7. Nátali nLi says:

    What a beautiful place…beautiful koalas…love

  8. Muna Said says:

    I saw you in a music video!

  9. MyJayjay92 says:

    I love the editing in this video, great job Tasha.
    Does anyone know the name of that song???

  10. Ísis Silva says:

    It seems like you’re there alone without company. Sammi always shows what
    you both guys are doing, but man it seems like in your vlogs you’re
    traveling by yourself.

  11. malena gadson says:

    Whats the name of the song 

  12. Harriet Olivia says:

    Ooh loving these Australia vlogs, really makes me want to visit! The koalas
    were SO cute too! XO

  13. AyeAlexMUA says:

    You are super pretty

  14. Its Halo says:

    this looks like so much fun! so glad you guys are haing a blast!

  15. loveJazzNL says:

    Lol the Koalas look like little old men 

  16. KamilahKam says:

    What an epic trip! Cheers for vlogging :) 

  17. brandilovesbeauty says:

    you look so glowing and fresh!

  18. Tary Maps says:

    Love th vlog. Enjoy!

  19. Esther Bogere says:

    Thiis was a lovely vlog really enjoyed it and your editing was fantastic,
    thanks for sharing your trip Tasha :) x

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