#59 Busk outside Sydney Opera House!

ITunes: itunes.apple.com Twatting: www.twitter.com Faceboxing: www.facebook.com Whorey Rory: www.youtube.com LYRICS: Littl’an is dyed inside A colour I don’t know the name of Her fears fulfilled Littl’an, she goes nowhere So many places that she hasn’t heard of And never will But I can see she’s more than everybody else But she will change, because that’s what people do In a few years I don’t know what I’ll be like, But I hope I’m still with you But you will leave, like all the littl’ans do It takes a minute to become a total stranger And the rest of your life to regret what you will do I can see I’m just like everybody I can see that I’ve no stability I can see in a while there’ll be no you and me I’m just like everybody else Just like everybody else Just like everybody else

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25 Responses to #59 Busk outside Sydney Opera House!

  1. sofiadubon says:

    amazing as usual ;)

  2. Birtagr says:

    @BriBryontour I WANT IIIIIIIIT

  3. seasonlover28 says:

    What’s the name of the songgg?

  4. musicarmichael says:

    the sydney opera house looks so amazing at night right! ?

  5. Rosey1498 says:

    @bribry EM de dordoin =/ if dats hw ya spell it LOL =P

  6. BonkyShine says:

    are the majority of you subscribers like 12 or something bri??xD

  7. aidand1234 says:

    What song is that??i love it

  8. DyslexiaNotDoHaveI says:

    fuck sake ketchup is a rip off these days

  9. ggiiuulliiaaa says:

    why does everyone go to sydney! melbournes better! and you sound like murph from the wombats <3

  10. BellaMaree1 says:

    is that a jar of vegemite?

  11. siimmosaurus says:

    gosh youre amazing!
    i wish i couls play that good :)
    love the hat <3

  12. MissSinisterAngel says:

    my god you were here?

  13. ImFamousOnline1 says:

    All you can see is my knee D:
    It was lovely meeting you by the way :) haha

  14. CrazzyCupcakerz says:

    I cant stop listening to yu sing! Gahh yur soo amazing! :D oH yeah i think theres a panda eating yur head! Nooo panda dont eat BriBry!<3

  15. itsbeccalynne says:

    @BriBryontour You’re welcome! <3

  16. WendyWonderland says:

    That was a brilliant song! Loved every second of it! <3

  17. jjj1873 says:

    good song

  18. Caityk94 says:

    did any one else see the open jar of Vegemite on the steps lol

  19. JenniferEverrr says:

    Amazing <3 :)

  20. ponyboymcurtislover says:

    Your amazing :) and you should make a video to this song

  21. seasonlover28 says:

    What’s the name Of the song??

  22. foxavenueloverr says:

    im pretty sure thats where i was sitting when i was there :D

  23. DropDeadPhoebe says:

    lol, did you get a busking license, cause otherwise what you did was illegal and you can tick that off your list.
    do something illegal in australia: check.

  24. ilovethemuisic123 says:

    @BriBryontour I wish i had been there. however i live in canada…. COME TO CANADA!!!

  25. ilovethemuisic123 says:

    Luff u!!! <3

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