2014 Australian Tour – Sydney Show – New Models Galore!

What a great weekend at PEMAC! The crowd was great, there were some amazing models and we got some great flying in. Next stop, Brisbane!

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25 Responses to 2014 Australian Tour – Sydney Show – New Models Galore!

  1. MclF01 says:

    it was amazing to be apart of a great event thank you hobby king and
    Darrell King 

  2. xKmotx says:

    Great video! Looks like you could have used a couple of scale crop dusters
    with some DDT spray! ;) 

  3. thumper007k1 says:

    It was Awesome to be there and Meet the Guys from Hobby King !!

  4. BMSWEB says:

    So you coming back to Melbourne again :P 

  5. Jahuka Muka says:

    Great show, can’t wait till next years show :D Thanks hobbyking 

  6. Outback UAV says:

    To HobbyKing, from those about to crash, we salute you!
    It was a great day, so glad I was able to go.
    Many thanks!

  7. Designandrew says:

    I wonder if you stand at the booth and stare for 5 minutes if you get a one
    time limited offer discount? 

  8. lasersbee says:

    4:54 … Is that the new HobbyKing bug feeder ???

  9. BashMonkeyRC says:

    6:17 Is he still alive?

  10. jodati says:

    Great video! Love all the P-40 parts. Especially the young fellas love for
    the Sharkmouth!!

    I live in Ireland, but I’ll be making the journey to the UK next year if
    there’s an event happening again. Looks awesome! Keep it up!

  11. nemo saunders says:

    Nice, more AC/DC!

  12. mreid08 says:

    Can we expect Hobby King selling product at Joe Noll and/or Eweek next
    year????? Say yes please :) 

  13. Board In Flight says:

    can’t wait for the brissy show. saving up for the auctions.
    hoping I get something for coming from Toowoomba.
    whats the go if it rains fellas? its predicted to!


    The shows in Australia are pretty fantastic!
    Hobbyking is on fire! Nice job guys :) 

  15. Steven Mienert says:

    Enjoy the hobby king products. i hope the weather is good in Brissy.
    i will be missing out on seeing the guys and the new gear this Saturday.
    but will be looking forward on seeing the video of the Brissy show. keep up
    the good work guys..

  16. Håvard Andreassen says:

    Wish you guys would come to Scandinavia some time, you are most welcome to
    our field here in beautiful Norway :

  17. chris gange says:

    Great vid, FANTASTIC music, and please when/if you come back to Melb
    please bring more stock, we had money in our pockets but there was nothing
    to spend it on!

  18. steve cotterell says:

    When you come to the UK event please come in the summer !
    We had loads to spend and purchased nothing couldn’t even buy a hamburger
    as that was free !!
    Very nice venue this – looks the best so far to visit 

  19. mreid08 says:

    So definite maybe or possibly yes!?

  20. KY DAWG says:

    Great video and tunes.

  21. Mohit Dewan says:

    Great event guys. I came out on Saturday, did some flying and some buying
    and really enjoyed it. Thank you for coming to Sydney. 

  22. flyguyrceric says:

    Like a thanksgiving meal, this video has a little something for everybody!
    Great vid!

  23. Keith Turner says:

    Why do you have to spoil a good video with such a load of noise in the name
    of so called music, It’s deafening and to hear the dialogue I need the
    volume turned up.

  24. Wack Yack says:

    When will the new Autogyro, shown at 0.29 and 0.39 seconds, be released ??

    I WANT ONE !!!

  25. fred bare says:

    great vid, great planes, great sound tracks, what more could we ask
    for…… :-) 

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