2000 Sydney Olympic Bars Event Finals EF 8 routines Gymnastics

All 8 gymnasts routines from the bars event final from the 2000 Sydney Olympic games.

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17 Responses to 2000 Sydney Olympic Bars Event Finals EF 8 routines Gymnastics

  1. gymgirl84mex says:

    Loved Khorkina’s routine!!!!!

  2. jovani2293 says:

    How did the Ukrainians qualify three girls in to the bar final?

  3. 92glou says:

    Was Khorkina’s bar routine out of a 10.0 or 9.9?

  4. finfelagund says:

    You probably mean Zharganova, which is albeit Belarussian.

  5. CelloRosin says:

    I think the medals should have been:

    Gold. Svetlana Khorkina
    Silver Yang Yun
    Bronze: Ling Jie and Viktoria Karpenko

  6. kyle887923 says:

    it kind of scares me how good and agressiva korkina is on bars

  7. sochisochi says:

    Khorkina is a LEGEND .

  8. finfelagund says:

    Karpenko´s routine flows like honey, so smooth and so sweet. I could watch it for ever

  9. huntasoup says:

    @CelloRosin I think that Tang Yun should have been placed before Ling Jie.

  10. strongbad635 says:

    Karpenko got robbed of a bronze medal on bars. She hit every single handstand dead on in the 12 o’clock position. Yes she had a step on her dismount but the interior of her routine contained many fewer deductions than Yang’s. IMO.

  11. bbhouk1 says:

    what the flip! everyone had the exact same bars mount except Karpenko and Prudonova.
    Also I love the way Khorki does her dismount, she twists so easily.
    And I think Karpenko had TWO mistakes in her bars: the dismount landing of course and the leg separation in the pak salto. Therefore I think Yang deserved her medal

  12. musikelxx says:

    german giant = awesome.

  13. lanpingpug says:

    I would have liked to see Sveta get a 9.900.

  14. datingfree1a1 says:

    4 stars Short Video

  15. AAUchamp55 says:

    even though she “messed up” i think it was cooler tha her original skill

  16. skaterANDgymnast says:

    love to see them do so well

  17. zqz321 says:

    I like the first gymnast the best.

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