1 year trip to Australia, need some tips and research sites.?

I have contacted my travel agent, and got a little bit of information including visa application forms but, what’s next?

As a Canadian citizen and at the age of 19, I’m beginning to search for more excitement, help me understand more of this world and of its people and have a different view of who I am. Aug. 2010, I would like to leave to Australia to live and work for one year. Thankfully I have recruited a friend to join me on this expedition.
To be honest, I don’t have any information or where to even start on research. I would like to be working in or very close to Sydney, apartments, financial estimates, [To go with and what to keep as a planB], must see’s and do’s, items to bring [Camera, laptop ect.]
In general, I’m asking. How can I plan this?

Any suggestions, advice or past experiences would be very helpful.

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  1. Christina says:

    Sydney is quite expensive, you might want to try Brisbane or Perth.

    But it is a great place nonetheless.

    I would suggest joining http://www.couchsurfing.org/ so people can show you around, provide a friendly face or even let you crash at theirs. My sister is leaving for Germany on Thursday for 6 months, but her lease on her apartment doesn’t start until 2 weeks after arrival, so she’s staying with someone she befriended on couchsurfing for that time.

    If you come to Brisbane, even for a visit, give me a shout :)

  2. Eco Traveler says:

    You will find Australia very welcoming to Canadians ! I have travelled a lot & all Canadians & Aussies get on great & Party Hard ! Is it something about being part of the Commonwealth !?

  3. Luke says:

    For sydney here is a good sight http://www.sydney.com.au/

    bring whatever you would need for a year trip, i know at the moment it’s pretty expensive in sydney so good luck trying to find an apartment

    all in all good luck with your plans hope this helped a bit

  4. OzGirl says:

    Start with getting a job, that’s the hardest one on your list to get, and you won’t be able to rent a flat or a house unless you have a job. So even if you arrive here before you’ve got a job, you have to stay in hotels/backpackers places until you get a job.

    Once you’ve got a job, you can start planning where to get a place to live, and depending on your working schedule, where and when you can travel. Travel plans are the most fun but leave them to the last if you want to be practical.

  5. ItsWittgensteinMiss says:

    In my opinion, the visas/forms/red tape is the hardest part, so it’s good that you’ve got a travel agent to help you with that.

    While Sydney is slightly more expensive that most other places in Aus rent-wise, it’s also the largest city and probably offers the most in job opportunities, etc. Also, you should be able to find some cheap rooms at backpacker’s inns and motels while you’re looking for other accommodation.

    Make sure that you bring with you enough money to rent a cheap room somewhere for a few weeks while you’re finding a job (in case it takes a bit longer than planned). Also, enough money for a couple of week’s work of groceries.
    If you look at this page, it will give you some average costs of hostel rooms and groceries, and will convert it into your local currency: http://www.stuckinsydney.com/sydneyprices.php

    Many overseas travellers get jobs in bars in Australia, as the wages can be fairly decent and there are quite a lot of these jobs around. You do need to get an RSA certificate, but that’s supposed to be quite easy (more info here: http://www.sydneytraveltips.com/bar-jobs-sydney-australia ).

    The weather in Sydney is not the best in Aus, but it’s not too bad. Average winter temps are 8-16.2 °C (46.4-61.2 °F), and the average summer ones are 18.6-25.8 °C (65.5-78.4 °F).

    Things to do –
    Definitely check out some of the beaches. Bondi Beach is Australia’s most famous beach, but actually not one of our best. Ask a local for directions to a good one once you’re here.
    Also, these sites have some good suggestions:

    If you get the opportunity, try to do a little travelling inside Australia, just some three-or-four-day trips.You could fly, drive or catch a train north to somewhere like Brisbane, or the Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast (these flights from Sydney are quite short and cheap) and spend a few days. Melbourne is also reasonably close/accessible and is popular for its shopping/food/nightlife.

    A couple of travel tips –
    1. Every week or so, upload the latest photos from your camera to your laptop and email them to yourself (or a friend/family member back home). If worst comes to worst, and the camera is lost/stolen/broken, you don’t lose six month’s worth of memories.
    2. Be a little cautious. If you’re staying in a shared dorm room, or in a cheap motel with flimsy locks, make sure that you keep valuables hidden/with you. And don’t bring too many valuables with you in the first place. You shouldn’t need much more than your phone, laptop, camera and music player.

    Some sites you might want to look at –

    If you want to message me with further questions, feel free to do so. I hope you get here, and enjoy yourself.

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