✈Sydney, Australia ►Vacation Travel Guide

Sydney, Australia ▻Vacation Travel Guide.

Travel Australia - get fantastic tips at a bargain price!

25 Responses to ✈Sydney, Australia ►Vacation Travel Guide

  1. Kane S says:

    Melbourne was voted world’s most livable city ;) 

  2. Gabija Čirbaitė says:

    It’ my dream to live in Australia

  3. Aruna Shrivastava says:

    Ok Mate !! a very beautiful combination of modernity and
    indigeneity…Mr.Alex is v impressive, the way he articulates everything is
    awesome….and James !! u play guitar so well…with that tempting
    smile…..surely a great place to visit…opera house,sydney harbour bridge
    n the 800 ft waterfall.

  4. Vera Zhubi says:

    Sydney is a beautiful place to live in… If you want that city life, then
    Sydney is perfect for you, but even if you want that typical suburb life,
    Sydney is also perfect for you. In fact the Sydney suburbs are perfect <3 I
    live in the Canterbury region, and it's perfect… Its not a typical
    American suburb, because you don't have to "drive to the city" to get
    something, it's there for you. The suburbs is like the city, just without
    all the traffic and noise :) Sydney is my hometown, and I'm proud to call
    it my birthplace <3

  5. Raj Singh says:

    Good Video about Sydney and the sight seeings. I liked it.

  6. AustralianDavid 10 says:

    best city in the world

  7. Sigurd Roeber says:
  8. HEY MAYAMAYA says:

    Want to know how I moved to Australia ?
    Check it out on my channel!

  9. GERMANLOVER7000 says:

    i got back of australia…and i miss that lovely city already…

  10. karim brooklyn says:


  11. sydney benson says:

    If you read my name then you should know where I’m going when I grow up…

  12. a2r654 says:

    Was born there been living in UK for a while really no place like home! and
    Sydney is amazing love it!

  13. Oswald Boelcke says:

    Thank you for posting this wonderful video. My wife and I went to Sydney
    in 2013 and loved it. We plan to go back in 2-3 years.

  14. Manuel Montalta says:

    Travel Australia

  15. La Komputer says:

    my dream to live in Australia .. failed because … :( (

  16. Munir Ahmed says:

    Nice and informative video. I have plan to see Sydney next month. You
    posted this video on 30th April, which is my birthday date :) 

  17. Corporate Video Australia says:

    The Land Down Under is truly a must-see! From our beautiful coral
    formations to gorgeous sunsets- to amazing rock formations: Australia
    should always be on every traveller’s list. 

  18. Corporate Video Australia says:

    By the way, I do believe the one who created this #video truly captured the
    essence and vibrancy of Sydney. Great job!

  19. nick4alex says:

    Without a doubt the classiest city in Australia :) 

  20. Walter Solis says:

    Sydney, Australia ►Vacation Travel Guide

  21. Ismael Granados says:

    thank you very much!

  22. NextStop.TV says:

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